If you are here it means that your dependency or installer is working and you want to publish it in the official repository and make many users happy. Thanks in advance, we are really proud of you and your work, take a break before publishing because you deserve it.

Getting started

Bottles repositories are actually git repositories, so you can use git or any client to manage them.

First of all, you need to fork the repository on GitHub, then add your manifest to the right folder (like the testing phase). Please do not update the file, it will be done by our team after the review.

After applying your changes, open a Pull Request and wait for a team member to proceed with the review.

Your work is done, thanks again!

Maintainers and reviews

Even though the repository is basically community maintained, we are forced to maintain a level of security by having all publications checked by our team before publishing them. This is because sometimes involuntary or (unfortunately) voluntary and harmful mistakes can be made.